• 277 Van Brunt St. Red Hook, Brooklyn Visitation /Pioneer (map) 718-596-8335.

Hours: Dinner Thurs-Saturday 6-11p. Brunch Saturday 10-3, Sunday 10-4 Email Contact for large groups

In Red Hook...
Happy Spring is here with all the lovely options from farm and sea. Lately we've been offering lightly battered shrimp and scallop over greens with tartar sauce, hm good..



Booking events in 2017 at Kevin's and off site..

Governors Island is opening on May 1st this year. Thinking about your spring plans? I know we are!

For 2017 we have. We have lots of menu options and party spaces available. Contact us..


KEVIN'S Red Hook_Winter 2016

OUR SUMMER VENUE : Little Eva's, Liggett Terrace, Governors Island.